“Winning causes didn’t simply get lucky, and they don’t just coalesce out of thin air.”

– How Change Happens

How Change Happens released in stores April 16, 2018. Author Leslie Crutchfield has contributed expert commentary and articles to the following media:

The New York Review of Books

How Change Happens”… reviewed by The New York Review of Books, serves as a blueprint for today’s movement leaders inspired to take action following Trump’s election. Featured in The Path of Greatest Resistance.

Add Passion and Stir Podcast:
How Social Change Happens

#Trending: #NeverAgain and Social Movements
Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business experts discuss what makes a social movement and how what we are seeing now differs from movements in the past.

The Final Five, Fox DC

Leslie Crutchfield’s previous books Forces for Good and Do More Than Give and have been featured in the following media:

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)
“Creating High-Impact Nonprofits”

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) 
“Local Forces for Good”

Chronicle of Philanthropy 
“Seizing a Crisis: How Great Nonprofits Grew Amid the Economy’s Challenges”

Fortune / CNN 
“What does it take for philanthropy to deliver results?”
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