Speaking and Consulting

Here’s what audiences are saying about Author & Speaker Leslie Crutchfield:

“The passion you brought to the stage – the humor, the gravity, the urgency, the intention, the inspiration – ignited a room of 400+ people eager to learn and apply.” 

“Bingo! This is exactly what we wanted … we will take up the building movements conversation with our members in our network”

“I have been to eight Confabs and this was the BEST session ever!!” 

“Terrific opening that teed things up and connected the dots to broader social movements…We heard your [ideas] referenced and echoed in the two-day affair that followed.”

Leslie Crutchfield and other leading authorities from Georgetown University’s Business for Impact speak and train executives from the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Standard speaker fees for keynotes and workshops or trainings available upon request.

Business for Impact engages with diverse collaborators like Nestle, Phillips, ABinBev Foundation, Bank of America Foundation, U.S. Department of Labor, UN Development Programme and others on education, research and action projects.

Contact us to find out how your organization can apply the principles of How Change Happens to advance your cause – whether you lead a nonprofit, a company, a government agency or a community-based effort.  businessforimpact@georgetown.edu


Here’s more Audience feedback:

“I really enjoyed Leslie’s talk. She is a great speaker.” 

“… a great way to show nonprofits how uniting can benefit their work.”

“This was the right message with the right messenger”

“… a great way to kick off [our national conference]”

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